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Some things to know for the lab:

Fries Tutorial - Selecting and Aligning
•    Differentiate between the various selection tools.
•    Group and ungroup items.
•    Clone items with the Selection tool.
•    Lock and hide items for organizational purposes.
•    Save selections for future use.
•    Use tools and commands to align basic shapes to each other.

Pencil Tutorial - Creating Shapes
•    Create basic shapes.
•    Move, scale, and rotate objects using a variety of methods.
•    Draw with the Pencil tool.
•    Work with Smart Guides.
•    Position objects precisely.
•    Work with line segments.

Surfboards Tutorial - Transforming Objects
•    Select individual objects, objects in a group, and parts of an object.
•    Move, scale, and rotate objects using a variety of methods.
•    Reflect, shear, and distort objects.
•    Adjust the perspective of an object.
•    Apply a distortion filter.
•    Position objects precisely.
•    Repeat transformations quickly and easily.

Snowboard Tutorial - Color & Painting

•    Paint with, create, and edit colors using the Control panel and shortcuts.
•    Name and save colors, create color groups and build a color palette.
•    Use the Color Guide panel and Live Color features.
•    Copy paint and appearance attributes from one object to another.
•    Paint with gradients, patterns, and brushes.
•    Use the Live Paint features.
•    Save your file as a PDF.

Shoes Tutorial - Working with Type
•    Import text.
•    Create columns of type.
•    Change text attributes.
•    Use and Save Styles.
•    Sample type.
•    Wrap type around a graphic.
•    Reshape text with a warp.
•    Create text on paths and shapes.
•    Create type outlines.

Panda Tutorial - Combining Shapes to Create Drawings
•    Use the pathfinder tool.
•    Create and change shapes.

Bamboo Tutorial -
Gradients with the Mesh Tool
•    Create gradients using the mesh tool.
•    Drawing with the pen tool.
•    Rotating and twisting objects.

Lake Tutorial - Working with Brushes
•    Use the four brush types: Art, Calligraphic, Pattern, and Scatter.
•    Change the brush color and adjust brush settings.
•    Create new brushes from Adobe Illustrator artwork.
•    Apply brushes to paths created with drawing tools.
•    Use the Scribble Effect for artwork and text

Lemons - 3-D Shapes, Applying Effects

•    Understand the differences between Filters and Effects.
•    Use Warp Effects to create a banner logotype.
•    Use Pathfinder and Distort and Transform Effects.
•    Use Photoshop Effects to add texture to objects.
•    Create 3D objects from 2D artwork.
•    Map artwork to the faces of the 3D objects.