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Product Packaging

To create a creative packaging for your product. You will choose the shape that your product will be packaged in. If you have a very large product (e.g. bed, car), choose a product for one of its accessories that could be included with the product (e.g. pillow for the bed, box for the car keys). Take a quick look at these student product designs or these innovative product designs.

Review the Lemons tutorial if needed if you forgot how to make 3D shapes and place images on them.

  1. Create a new RGB Basic document (800x600 72ppi); you can choose if it is more appropriate to use landscape or portrait.

  2. You may create or draw any 3D shape size as long as it is possible for the label on the package to be clearly seen. The most popular and easiest shape is a rectangle.

  3. Insert your company logo into the document.

  4. Choose the colors for all of the sides of your packaging using your company colors and a couple additional colors if needed. Remember to keep in mind color schemes and rules from what you learned.

  5. Create the label for your 3D object; you only need to apply one side of the label. You will first create a flat label like the example below and then place it on one of the 3D sides. Of course you may not use any images from the Internet; you must make all the designs.

    Label Requirements (must be present somewhere on the label)

    -Business name, product name and two of its features to advertise. Remember the typography rules you learned when choosing the font, size, and spacing of your text. Do not use your company font on any other text other than the name of your company.

    -Two-color gradient somewhere on the label

  6. Create a light shadow reflection from the product like the example below. To do so, use the reflect tool and change the opacity. Draw a white rectangle around the bottom half of your document area. Add a vertical gradient to the rectangle so that it is a light gray starting at the bottom of the document and blends to a white. Adjust the gradient settings to get a good realistic look. The settings will differ based on the shape of the product.

  7. Post: When finished, hit shift + o and use the artboard to crop down and save only the image as a JPG. Upload the image to Posterous & the MF Picasa album (caption: classID, name of product, name of company) and the link to the spreadsheet.

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