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Framed Photo

Mr. Heil will be having a photograph showcase with his computer students in the Fall. During the big drama production and we will showcase the top photographs from the high school computer classes. The theme of the photographs is "The Golden Hour" and must be photographed in Seoul. 

The golden hour is the hour before and after sunrise and the hour before and after sunset. You must take your photo during these times. All of the photos must be taken outside (e.g. not in a subway). Be creative in the environment and subject of your photo, the sun does not have to be in the photo.

  1. Go out and take creative photographs. Before you take the photograph, take a photo of yourself and the scene, then take the real photo. 
  2. Upload your top three original photos to picasa and ask your friends and classmates to comment and give you advice on them. Also, email the posterous link to me.
  3. When your final photo is chosen, use Picasa or Photoshop to edit the photo.
  4. Print the photograph on glossy photo paper or have it developed (Costco only costs 1,500 won each for an 8x10); print the photograph 8x10 or 11x13 and make sure the edges of the photograph are exactly straight.
  5. Purchase a photograph Matte or create your own using thin poster board that is firm and not flimsy. Choose a color that coordinates well with your photo. Make sure the matte border is at least 1.5 inches wide if you will frame it and at least 3-4 inches wide if you are not framing it (see examples below) 
  6. Make a 3x5 hardstock card that includes your signature picture and typed text: Title of your photograph and a short paragraph about where, how, and why you shot it and the title About Your Name with a short paragraph about you. Write everything in third person (see example below).
  7. Frame your matted photograph in a wood or plastic frame that will be displayed. 
  8. Submit the final photo to MF picasa & posterous and take a photo of yourself with your matted photograph and post it to MF picasa & posterous.

Bonus points will vary. I will ask a few of my photographer friends to help judge the photos and you will receive points based on your placing among the summer class.

Top photograph earns +20, second place is +19, third is +18, and so on. 
These points will be added to your checkpoints grade.