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Cut Styles

Read and take notes about the various types of film cuts. You will apply most of them to this assignment so make sure you understand how to use them appropriately.

Complete this assignment with the same class groups you had when you filmed the shots tutorial. If you were absent, join a group that has only two members; if all groups have three members then you may join one of these groups. Under no circumsance may a group have more than four students.

If you are absent in class for this assignment, you must complete this assignment on your own. Just ask any two people (student, friend, sibling) to act for you so that you can complete the assignment.

Your group will be given a short and simple storyline topic (e.g. boy loses his glasses). You will develop a short storyline that follows this idea and you will follow the Acts and Story Structure in a film that is under 90 seconds. Do your best to follow the 25/50/25% rule but since the film is so short, you can adjust as needed.

You may divide up the roles among your group and you do not have to share roles equally although make sure everyone is watching and trying to learn the cuts as they are shot.

1) Scriptwriter: thinks of the storyline of the film before your group begins shooting
2) Director: directs the actors according to the storyline and make sure the cuts are used
3) Editor: edits all the clips when finished and put it together as one film
4) If there is a fourth group member, the group can decide how to use him or her

Your group must use and integrate the following cuts into your storyline:
  1. Jump
  2. (normal) Cutaway
  3. Action
  4. Cross
  5. Match
  6. Progressive
  7. Cutting rhythm
  8. Insert

Make sure you use a video camera or camera phone that has good video quality and won't be pixelated. You do not have to film your shots in one shot. You can break them up and film in any order because the editor will put the clips together.

One person in your group, the editor, will use iMovie to put your movie clips together to formulate your group's film. When finished, export as medium quality to your desktop and save it as 1112 your classID. Upload it to the MF Picasa album. Then go back to iMovie and upload maximum quality straight to YT.