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PS Thousand Words


  • Look at past examples and read the tips

  • View the prep photo instructions & watch the video to adjust your photo curve contrast (don't forget to add your YT comments).

  • Post three possible photos with variations of lighting and poses (later you will choose one) to your posterous and the link to the spreadsheet.


  • Here is a student example video you will completing. Use it as a reference when you watch and complete the video tutorial; in case you run into problems or the video cuts off. For the text in your portrait, make sure you can read your name somewhere inside your portrait, not outside of it. No signature photo needed since you are the photo.

  • Upload the picture to your posterous and to the MouseFlip Thousand Words album; insert the posterous link into the spreadsheet

  • Able to distinguish that it is you in the portrait & has a creative expressive face 10pts
  • Choice of photo lighting and contrast/features of your face 20pts
  • Good use of fonts and your name can be read somewhere on yourself 20pts
  • Well chosen color gradient choice and spread 10pts
  • Completed the Photoshop directions correctly 40pts