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To take a wide angle photo & learn to use the photomerge feature in Photoshop to make stunning panoramas

Part A
Photo-taking directions

Part B
Keep in mind that when you edit your panorama below that the features are only on the iMac in the computer lab, which means you probably cannot complete them on your Macbooks.

Follow the directions on the video tutorial & after you create it, merge the photo and place it in your 12x6in document you made and resize accordingly.

After you have your photos on your computer, follow the directions below:
  1. On the iMac: File > Automate > Photomerge
  2. Select the photos
  3. Choose to blend images together
  4. Choose any of the first three layout options shown on the right (e.g. perspective); choose the one that best fits your environment and look/feel
  5. Crop the image down to eliminate any missing spaces on the photograph
  6. Merge all the layers and save the image as a JPG; change the quality so that it is about 3-8 megapixels in size.
  7. Create two duplicate layers called dark and light and adjust the curves while erasing parts of the photo to get the right lighting 
  8. Watch the video tutorial to prepare to print three photos.
Email the three panorama photo sections to your Posterous along with your proof shot.

Then upload your finished panorama photo to the Panorama MF Picasa album. In the caption, write your classID: Title of your photograph. On the next line of the caption, include a link to your Picasa album which has your original photos.