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Posterous Additions

Now make the following changes to your Posterous that may differ from the video tutorials you just watched:
  • Go back to your posterous and change the posts per page back to the default...about 10 per page which is the default (not longer as the video said).
  • For your Posterous blog title, change it to Computer Applications Kevin Lee (your name) instead of ca4kevin15's Posterous.

  • Below the title and to the right of your name/photo, update the description to write one creative phrase about yourself and your future career goal.

    Do not write basic info like the following:
    -Hi, my name is...
    -I am 15 years old
    -I go to YISS and in 9th grade
    -I am from Korea

    Instead, write a creative phrase about yourself like the following:
    When I'm not beating by best friend Joey Lee at Winning 11, you can find me at Jamba Juice with a Tom Clancy novel with hopes of being a future detective back home in Chicago.

    Then, above your tags on your Posterous, make sure you have linked your classID Twitter, YouTube, & Flickr, icons show up like the screenshot.

  • To do this, once your logged in Posterous, on the left side you will see manage spaces click on it, when you click you will see a setting icon in the middle side. Click on it and click on Autopost Setup. Then click on Add service at the very bottom.