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Google Search

Take one page of notes in your CA book on content you from the slideshow and the infographic image below. In my opinion, this is the most useful slideshow you will view in my class since you will use it the most.

Open up a new email and post the following that is in blue below:

  1. View the slideshow to learn how to Google Search more efficiently. Google is an essential class tool you will use everyday, which is why memorizing how to search is so important. Write in the email which search tip was most useful. And take a photo of your notes and attach it to the email.

  2. Then view this infographic (click on image to zoom in) which summarizes some of the content you just learned from the slideshow. Write in the email one interesting thing you learned.

  3. Go to http://data-arts.appspot.com/globe-search which is an up to date graph showing the number of live searches going on in the world. Write in the email one interesting thing you from the map and one of the cities that is the highest.

  4. Go to http://www.wdyl.com and type one thing you really like (e.g. the subject of your HTML hobbie). Check out the results and take a screenshot of the page. Attach the screenshot to the email.

  5. Check out the Google Doodles. Take a screenshot of your favorite one and attach it to the email.
Send the email to WP and post to the spreadsheet.