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PS Instructions

For all the Photoshop (PS) tutorial lessons, follow the video directions to complete the task. If you need further assistance with more details, you can check out the text directions but follow the requirements for the video.

When you download the original files below, make sure you open and drag the file into PS. When you are finished, type "By Your Name" somewhere on the page. Always add your signature photo to your tutorials, which you will make last in the first tutorial. Save the file as a JPG and name it like the following: "PS tut1 window (ca5jay13)."

Then send the JPG to posterous, not the original file but keep the original file somewhere twice (e.g. email, USB, computer). Don't forget to comment and click on the "thumb's up" icon for all mouseflip YouTube videos, even if there are more than one parts.

If you don't see a place to comment, click on the video's title or the YouTube icon on the bottom-right of the video. Make sure your YouTube location is set to worldwide and not South Korea at the bottom of the page in order to comment.

Tag your posts in Wordpress as tutPS

When we work on software tutorials like PS, most students should be able to finish them in class. If you do not finish, just post what you have completed and you will receive full credit if you worked diligently and if your work is mostly correct. Make sure you know the material for quizzes and exams.