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posted Sep 6, 2011, 10:24 PM by Mousa Diabat   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 12:58 PM ]
At first, I said i would plant Zucchini in our Community Garden just to have some green. So i did. I planted 10 seeds of Zucchini, 8 seeds of yellow squash, and 4 winter (spaghetti) squash. It took couple of weeks to see the two leaves popping out of the full-of-compost, wet soil. since then, it is history. 4 plants of tomato climbing between the squashes to break the green color with some orange and red. 3 plants of cucumber that tasted like the cucumber i am used to at home. broccoli and green paper are struggling despite the compost soil.
Yet, and like everybody around, my wife and I ran out of precipices for zucchini. Eventually, we escaped to pickling two huge zucchinis using Palestinian recipe combined with some European one. Only this morning I understood the surprise mixed with smile that my friends had, when they heard how many zucchinis i had planted. It even got to the situation that I offered some of it to my friend who said: "here in south town, people lock their cars and close the windows to prevent others from stuffing zucchinis in". "South town culture is weird" i said. but it is not.
It makes me happy to feed my family organic, local products of my own hands. I feel PROUD of myself.