Google Translate client

FAQ for the Google Translate Client


Software is available at:



I ran the program, but I don’t see anything…

The program is running, andyou should see the icon in the right-hand side of the Taskbar.



How do I close this application?

Right-click on the application icon in the Taskbar, and select "Exit".



How do I translate text?


Select the text in the webpage or any other application, and simultaneously press the “CTRL” key and the letter ”Q”.

I pressed the hotkey, but nothing happened?

You need to edit the preferences, and select at least one output method.



Why can’t I set the source language?


Not needed, Google will determine the language.


Does it work with Windows 95 or 98?


No, this application requires  UNICODE and UTF-8 in order to properly handle languages with special characters.