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We are;

Beautiful!        We are the most westerly township in the Blue Mountains situated a couple of hours away from Sydney along the edge of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. We are on an escarpment plateau extension of Mount York.

A top place!     The highest point in the Blue Mountains City Council area is in Mount Victoria. Although the official altitude is generally measured at railway stations, the actual highest point is in Mt Piddington Road in Mount Victoria at 1111 metres or 3645 feet. We're the real upper Blue Mountains!

A part of Australia's heritage!           We have many links with early European settlement in Australia. Many of our residents are descendants of early settlers and/or live and work in heritage listed buildings. We are situated at the "Explorers' Gateway" to the west.

A great community!    According to the 2006 census, there are 828 people living in Mount Victoria. Our Community Association is very strong with approximately 100 members.

Mount Victoria Community Association,
24 Apr 2011, 17:36