Plant Life

 Plants near Mount. Everest

    In the lower zone on Mt. Everest many plants thrive including birch, juniper, blue pines, firs, bamboo and rhododendron(is a genus descriptions of woody plants). The tree line on Mt. Everest is about 5750 m from the base of the mountain. A tree line is the point of which plant can no longer be sustained because lack of oxygen. Going up the mountain the next zone is the alpine scrub zone, which can sustain limited vegetation. Next going up the mountain is the arctic zone which can sustain no plant life. After the first monsoon rain in June the plants really thrive. The sides of the hills go green and different varieties of flowers start blooming. In order to survive in this harsh climate plants have adapted. An adaption all of the plants have is that they are short, for the reason that there is more oxygen near the ground or sea level. If they were tall they would blow over and freeze. Because of the cold plants dont decompose very quickly therfore makes poor soil conditions.
This picture shows an example of the tree line on a mountain.

This is a map that show plants in Nepal

This is a flower found in Nepal

This is a plant and land map of Nepal(where Mount. Everest is located)

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