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Our cider comes from only tree picked fruit in our orchards.  After the apples are washed, polished and graded, they are again washed before being passed through our cider press.  This year we are implementing a new press called a continuous belt press (model FTEJ-0100) from Frontier Technologies which allows us to produce cider with fewer personnel.  This year we are also FDA certified with our cider production since we now pass all of our cider through an Oesco CiderSure FPE 3500.  This apparatus is an ultraviolet treatment unit which irradiates all our cider with enough UV radiation to destroy any possible mico organisms that may still be present. 

     We sell both gallons and half gallons at our warehouse for $7 and $4 respectively during apple season.  We also now supply not only our apples but our cider as well to all the major grocery stores in the Bitterroot Valley and Missoula County (list to be coming soon!).