Mountain and Rivers Sangha, based in Hailey, Idaho, is a peer-led group dedicated to meditation in the mindfulness tradition. Mindfulness is a Buddhist practice also known as vipassana or insight meditation.  Welcome!
Hailey Community Meditation
Join us for a weekly community meditation each Tuesday from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at Pure Body Pilates across from Atkinson's Market in Hailey.
Be part of an informal community of meditators gathering for 35 minutes of silent meditation and mindful conversation. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Chairs are available, or you may bring your own cushion.

1st Sunday Sit ~ 10 AM to Noon
An opportunity to explore meditation and Buddhism in more depth, the morning begins at 10:00 AM with a 30-minute meditation, followed by a 30-60 minute DVD, and discussion (if time allows). Light refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome, regardless of meditation experience. Chairs are available, or you may bring a cushion. There is no charge; donations are welcomed. For more info or 208-721-2583.

John Travis ~ Sun Valley Residential Meditation Retreat
Exceptional meditation teacher
John Travis returns again to teach mindfulness meditation. This year two options are available - Weekend (2-Night) or 5-Night. 

Both retreats begin Friday evening April 11, registration from 3-5 pm with dinner at 6 pm. Formal retreat begins about 7 pm. The weekend retreat ends after lunch on Sunday, April 13. The five-night retreat ends after lunch Wednesday, April 16.

Fees cover lodging at Camp Perkins Lodge in the beautiful Sawtooth Valley, delicious vegetarian meals, snow coach ride in & out of the Lodge and other operational expenses. In keeping with Buddhist tradition, teachers like John Travis do not charge for their teachings but are sustained by the generosity of retreatants and students, known by the Pali word dana. The registration fee you pay only covers the operational expenses of the retreat - John's airline ticket, lodge rental, food, etc.

John is a generous, open hearted and wise teacher. Insights, poetry and stories woven into his teachings reflect Dharma experiences going back over 35 years, 10 of which were spend in Asia studying with masters of both Theravadan and Tibetan traditions. He is a senior teacher for Spirit Rock Meditation Center of Woodacre, California, founded by renowned meditation teacher and prolific author Jack Kornfield. In addition, John founded and serves as the guiding teacher of Mountain Stream Meditation Center located in Grass Valley, California.

The retreat will be conducted in silence except when meeting with John in interviews and during question & answer periods. In the silence we are freed from much of the daily barrage of stimulus that draws our attention outward, letting us delve deeply inward. The retreat includes alternating periods of sitting and walking, with daily instruction in the morning and dharma talks in the evening.

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John Travis Retreat
Sun Valley, Idaho

Two options are available
Weekend  (2-Night)
April 11-13, 2014
$50 deposit

April 11-16, 2014
$100 deposit

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When: Every Tuesday, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Where: Pure Body Pilates, just west from Atkinson's Market in Hailey, Idaho

Cost: There is no cost, but a donation basket will be available for dana, a Pali word meaning generosity, to help cover expenses.

This weekly gathering will be loosely based around mindfulness meditation, also called Vipassana or insight meditation. Mindfulness is a simple and direct Buddhist practice based on moment-to-moment awareness which opens the heart and clears the mind. It requires no belief commitments and is compatible with and welcoming to all contemplative spiritual traditions.