Some stars travel and make their own paths though a wilderness
that can be compared to the internet, while others need help on their journeyMPDisplay is here, to help you with your internet 
     Mountain Poets Display
  can help you with a pathway to the net.
  If you 
make the choice to help yourself,
us and our other websites soon !

                            Are you an unknown Author or Artist 
                     who would like to be published and spotlighted ?
                            Are you a singer/songwriter/poet/
                     starving artist, whom has been published, but would
                     love to be republished and spotlighted again ?
                            Do you like to read and view, new and 
                     different sorts of art, writings, other expressions 
                     and even products ?      
                             If MPDisplay is not the site for you. Perhaps,
   you have a friend or relative that has undiscovered
                     talent and would like to be published, or would just 
                     like to be a member to follow 
along like some others ?

  If you answered yes to any of our questions, MPDisplay can help you Please read below to see why, you should join MPDisplay as a 
member or become a published member and friend of our
faceboook family.                     
Thank you editor: MPDisplay
       MPDisplay is a place for all, to read, post writings and art, to post

and listen to music, and make comments and suggestions. MPDisplay i
a simple place in general to meet and support one another. " Submit your writings, or art and other works, for review. Then you could become, the next Author/Artist to be published or republished then spotlighted to the world wide web after admission process ! "


        (Seal of Trust ) explanation: Count on MPDisplay. This site refers to
literature, plus other pertaining subjects and will be a destination point for 
all sorts of Authors and Artist. We publish without charging costs giving new  Artist and items a chance to be seen. In advance, thanks for visiting our site.    If you are not a member, come back and check with us soon. Our post change often and we hope to add new Authors, and unique products in the near future.

          Isn't it time, to start working on your dreams of writing, or other arts,
even that bucket list of writings and art for relatives and friends to read and see at some point in the future? Should this be so,we can help you to begin now. So why not start showing your talent today and why not start with MPDisplay.
 Please look  to the top left of this page to sign, or view our 
guest book. Then  go to MPDisplay main site and join for free. Visit us and become a friend on facebook or tweeter to get all the latest news and updates. We thank you in advance for your time and feed back. Remember, there are many benefits that can come from being a published artist and the benefits can be numerous both mentally and materially.                              
                                                              We hope you join us and thanks again, for your time
                                                                                                 editor: Mountain Poets Display

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  • MPDisplay is adding a new site Mountain Poets Display or MPDisplay, will be adding a new more secure address in the coming months. Stay up to date and join now ! Admission to the secure site could ...
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  • Good things happening for friends of MPDisplay on Facebook Good things are happening for some of Mountain Poet Display friends on Facebook. MPDispay is finding talent among them, and publishing poetry, art and other works all at no coast ...
    Posted Oct 20, 2012, 7:28 AM by Floyd Jett
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MPDisplay is free, new and     growing !

Offering support for new Authors/Artist and members.

You as a member could become the next published Author/Artist. 

This can all happen for you  and more at MPDisplay.

 " Hurry come grow with us ! " 

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