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Mountain Meanders is a shared resource, generated and maintained by mountain users  

Feedback, comments and contributions welcome

It is a mountain-wiki!

Feedback on any aspect is  welcome. Google Sites supports multiple editors/contributors, so direct contributions are possible and welcome. But if you prefer, simply send an email to

The  contributions sought, but not limited to, include: 
  • Adding current information about the route (condition, flora, etc) or to record who last climbed it. Note: you need to be authorized as a Collaborator to add comments yourself. If you would like to be authorized, contact the Webmaster 
  • Correct or add to any route (or any other page).  Editing an existing route is very easy - as easy as writing an email or editing a Word document.  However, you do need editing rights to do this. If you would like to have them, contact the Webmaster.  Google Sites automatically keeps track of who changes a page and, in addition, keeps a record of all versions, so it is a safe process.  This is the essence of a Wiki - a tradition which is not yet very strong in South Africa but growing.  
  • Additional photos are also always welcome.  Either email to or upload to your preferred photo sharing site and send the link to  These can either be a complete set, or individual photos of speacial features, flora, etc.
  • Contributing a GPS track if this does not exist or if the existing track has errors.  
  • And of course, new routes, or old routes that are not yet included, are highly sought! See below for how to do this. 


All contributions will be acknowledged and attributed where possible. Thanks to the following for their contributions:

  • Tony Heher (MCSA and U3A) - Initial design and currently the (reluctant!) webmaster.
  • Chris Clarke of the Cape Computer Club who provided the support to set up the website and is the "technical consultant"
  • Martyn Trainor (MCSA and U3A) who contributed many of the photos used in the slide shows.
  • Mike Scott (MCSA and Cape Computer Club) who contributed to the site design and an invaluable knowledge of the Cape Mountains and who has contributed many routes. 
  • Ernst Lotz of MCSA Stellenbosch section for his book "Jonkershoek en sy Berge" (as translated by Tony Heher) which formed the basis for much of the Jonkershoek text.
  • Prof Johan Koeslag for the detailed GPS tracks of Table Mountain and Silvermine
  • The Cape GPS and Maps user group for many contributions of GPS tracks and for help and advice on testing and using GPSs in the mountains.
  • Tim Attwell who trolled the MCSA archives to generate a historical list of all routes climbed on mid-week meets in the past 10 years.
  • Andrew Rens - advice on the Creative Commons licence
  • Alistair Potts - advice on alternative hosting options and Content Management Systems
  • ... and many others who have made suggestions and contributions.


This site is the work of many individuals and is not an official part of any club or organisation. The use of any of the resources on this website, or any resources referenced, is entirely at the user’s risk. No contributors accept any liability whatsoever for the use of any of the information that is provided.  Given that this is open resource with contributions from many people, the accuracy of any description or map or GPS track cannot be guaranteed and may contain errors.  See also the Safety page.

A primer on adding new routes 

 The hard work is collecting the information - the photos and description.  If you have that in any form, send to and our editors will do the web bit.

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Mountain Meanders is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 South Africa License.