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Nov 2016: Slideshows fixed

Nardus Cronje has done a great job of updating almost all the slide shows on Mountain Meanders so that they display on all platforms (PCs, Mac, iPhone and Android). There are still a few routes missing but hope within another month or so that all the main routes will be complete. Still lots and lots of country routes to come, so don't be shy! Join the community and contribute.

Sept 2016: Slideshows not displaying anywhere!

Google has screwed us yet again and has announced the phasing out of support for Picasa altogether.  The slideshows that were converted to use RSS feeds now work nowhere whereas the old style still works on a PC (for now) but not on Android or iPhone. The solution is to use Goggle Presentations and a new Slideshow gadget, so once more were faced with replacing every slide show.

Although a pain in the ..., there are some benefits as the Google Presentation format is easier to update and annotate, so the end result will be a better Mountain Meanders. 

As always, if there are any volunteers to help us convert, you would be very welcome! Full guidance and help available. 

Quick fix: For those slideshows that work on a PC, but not on Android or iPhones, a quick fix is being implemented by adding a link to the original album. This opens the entire album, from where any picture can be clicked to get it full screen + the descriptions which are often needed to complete the route description. 

Nov 2014: Slide shows not displaying on smartphones and tablets

For years, Mountain Meanders was using the standard Picasa Slideshow gadget provided by Google to display slideshows.  Unfortunately, this gadget is not supported on either iPads or iPhones or Android devices. (Why Google does not support on their own operating system is one of life's mysteries!) 

After considerable searching and testing an alternative has been found which works on all these devices.  It uses an RSS based feed rather a Flash player.  However, to use this new gadget every single slide show on the site has to be edited one by one and the new gadget inserted. It's going to take time! 

If you really do need to see a slideshow, then of course it is still available on a PC in the meantime until the upgrade is finished.