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Wild Flowers of
Table Mountain

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Each month features a sample of 15-20 photographs of the more common flowers that you are likely to come across when hiking on Table Mountain in that month. Because the flowers shown each month are only a representative sample, you may wish to look at the flowers shown in the earlier or later months to find the flower you are looking for. 

The diversity of flowers to be seen on the mountain changes according to the season. In the winter months, you will find relatively fewer flowers on your walks. Between September to February/March you could find well over 100 different species on a single walk. The more habitats you visit – lower slopes, upper slopes, wet areas, etc., the more species you will find.

For beginner flower-watchers, Hugh Clarke & Bruce Mackenzie’s easy-to-use pocket guide, Common Wild Flowers of Table Mountain, from which these pictures are taken, features some 200 commonly seen or ‘special’ flowers that are found on Table Mountain. In the book, the flowers are grouped according to their predominant colour, making them easy to find. The key identification features of each flower are given in non-botanical terms, as well as the flowering time and locations on the mountain where you are likely to see the flowers. Two detailed maps help orientate the reader and describe the main walking routes. The book is available from Kirstenbosch Gardens bookshop, Exclusive Books, Cavendish , Struik online or from the authors gascoyne@mweb.co.za

With acknowledgement and thanks to Hugh and Bruce, and the photographers who are named under each photograph, and Struik publishers, for sharing this information in the interest of flora promotion and conservation