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Kromriver farm Disa pool hike

Overview: The most popular day walk from Kromriver farm.

Key Statistics
Grade:  1 *** path overgrown in several places
Height gain: 1-200m only if doing the shaleband path
Time:  4-5 hrs there and back depending on route

Route Description: 
Arrange permission for this hike from the Nieuwoudts at Kromriver farm. As Disa pool is on land owned by the Andrag family, there is a conservation fee payable. 

Walking from the farm adds an hour extra each way so better to drive (carefully) along the rough road and park opposite the Skilderkliphuis cave just before the track descends to the river. Follow the last bit of eroded track to the river, where the path splits and one can either cross, or continue. Both ways lead to the Oak Tree (Now totally burnt and may eventually disappear). 

Here one chooses to either follow the river trail to the pool and back, or a short way beyond the Oak, take a bushy diagonal gully up to the shaleband path and follow that until it descends to Disa pool. On the map you can see that the shaleband path can also be started at a turnoff some distance before the end of the road. 

Kromriver cave may be visited along the way from either route, but unless you have been shown how to descend from the shaleband, it is easier from the river path.

Mike Scott,
Jun 29, 2010, 5:00 AM
Mike Scott,
Jun 29, 2010, 5:01 AM