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Diagonal Route on 3rd Ridge

 From Witbrug (at the far end of circular road), up the Panorama path towards Bergrivier nek.

Overview: One of the shortest routes to the top of a Jonkershoek Peak, following a clean line diagonally across the face of 3rd Ridge.

Key Statistics
Grade:  3 ***  Lots of scrambling all the way, exposed
Height gain:  1135m, from 380m at Witbrug to 1515m
Time:  9 hours, 5 up, 4 down (via Bergriviernek)


Route Description 
(from Ernst Lotz, Jonkershoek en sy Berge) Numbers in [x] refer to corresponding slide.

Walk from the Witbrug parking [1] in the direction of Bergrivier nek, where the path meets the upper contour path. If you look up you will see slightly to the left a low pinnacle against the cliff [2]. Climb up to the small nek between the tower and the cliff. Then scramble up easy rock steps until a grass slope is reached. Walk up sloping to the right till a point is reached from where one looks down into a shallow ravine. 

Follow the left hand edge of the ravine to the right under a prominent, concave overhang. Walk to the right over a broken grass slope that quickly changes to a broken ledge [3]. The ledge rises first and then narrows with slight exposure. Climb cautiously down at the end of the ledge, keeping as close to the cliff as possible - you actually move half under the cliff. 

This brings you to easier terrain, where your route can vary a lot. The simplest is to scramble up to the right next to ledges and short rock steps to the prominent small nek a bit higher on (don’t try to climb up too quickly). The big platform to the right of the small nek is an ideal place to catch your breath and view the world [4]. Walk to the left around the pinnacle before you and scramble up in the corner. Shortly beyond the pinnacle the route meets the one that comes up from Bergrivier nek [5] and the many cairns and slight path can easily be followed. 

Follow an ascending traverse left around the south side of 3rd Ridge to a gully [10] and then up the final easy slope to the top [6] - there are many variations for this. (The line of cairns may lead you round to 2nd Ridge - keep more up than traverse.) The top has several summits - take your pick - they are all about the same height! 

Descent: The quickest is back the same way, alternatives are over 2nd Ridge and down Slab Route (but only if you have been up it before!) or via Bergriviernek. See [11] to [23] for this route.

3rd Ridge Peak - Diagonal Route

Resources:  RD & MapGPX Track