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Jonkershoek Vista (from Saaltjie to Bergriviernek)
View of Jonkershoek ridge from Saaltjie (left) to Bergriviernek (right)
Jonkershoek Vista © by Jacques Niemand

Jonkershoek  Grade
Botmaskop  3 **
Square Tower Gully  3 *
Nerinakloof   3 ***
Sentralekloof  4 ****
Suidfront  5 ****
Langrivierkloof  3 ***
Rifberg (1st Ridge)  4 ****
Frontroete  5 ****
Suidwand  3 ***
Slab- route to 1st & 2nd Ridge  3 ***
Lys-en-Hoek 3rd Ridge  5 ***
Diagonal route 3rd Ridge  3 ***
3rd Ridge via Bergrivier nek  2 **
Panorama Route  1 *
Kurtrekker (1st & 2nd Waterfall)  1 *
Swartboskam  3 **
Swartboskloof  1 *
Soslyfkloof  1 **
Haelkop (Guardian Peak)  4 **
Stellenboschberg  2 **

Jonkershoek is one of the Cape Nature reserves in the Western Cape.  See the Cape Nature website for a brochure with background on Jonkershoek, information on the flora and fauna, a location map and much more.The descriptions for Jonkershoek are based primarily on translations from Ernst Lotz’s excellent book on Jonkershoek.  Jonkershoek is a wonderful mountain resource, as Ernst’s descriptions so eloquently convey.  The translation cannot do justice to the lyrical language of the original and may not be entirely accurate.  If there is any doubt, the original Afrikaans text must of course be taken as definitive. A copy of the original Afrikaans and translated versions are available together with a selection of maps.  See the attachment list below.

Besides the detailed contour maps, there is also a useful sketch map giving an overview of the valley. Knowing all the peaks on both sides is a key piece of "Jonkers-lore"!

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