Panorama from the top of Perderkop, showing Table Mountain (far left), Simonsberg, Wemmershoek Peak (centre front) and Du Toits range and Goudini Sneeukop (far right ridge)

Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve (on top of the Franschhoek pass) up to the south-eastern tip of the Wemmershoek mountain range

Overview: The cicular walk to Perdekop provides spectacular views of the Wemmershoek and Stettynskloof valleys, and of the surrounding mountain ranges. During winter months this is one of the easiest routes to get to snow.

Key Statistics
Grade:  1 ***  Just a walk, but with exquisite views
Elevation:  1040 m accent and descent (circular)
Distance:  16 km (circular route)
Time:  5 - 8 h, depending on party

Route Description:
A day permit should be acquired (R40) at the Mont Rochelle nature reserve gate. After entering the gate take the left hand path, marked Uitkyk. The Perdekop circular route is done by first walking to a Wemmershoek valley lookout point called Uitkyk, the route for which is well marked. Follow the Uitkyk path in a northerly direction passing Breakfast rock (right) and the turnoffs to Du Toitskop (left). The path stays on the left wall of a wide ravine. At the head of the ravine (small nek) the path branches of to the right (easterly) - this is about 310 m before you reach the Uitkyk lookout point. It's highly recommended to continue on to the lookout point and backtrack to the turnoff. From here the path is straightforward and well maintained. The route has a long slow incline and follows the a ridge adjacent to the Wemmershoek valley for about 3.2 km. After a few false peaks Perdekop can be seen as a prominent dome-ish peak. Here the path descents a bit into a marchy flat with a watercourse that runs down Perdekloof ravine. Cross the watercourse and follow the steepening path to the top of Perdekop. The Perdekop peak is marked with a large stone cairn, seen on the left in the panorama image above, and it has an elevation of 1575 m above sea level.

The return path merges with the Perdekop path (from Uitkyk) just above the mentioned watercourse; be sure to keep left (coming down) at the split. Most of the path is a low to moderate decline; the last section of the path is a steep descent into the Dutoitsrivier gorge and a steep climb back up past the water pump station to the gate.