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Elandspad at Du Toits

MM Elandspad Kloofing trail

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Location: Du Toits Kloof, starting on the R101 just the other side of the Huguenot Tunnel 

Overview: A pleasant easy walk up the Elandspad Valley to a large pool.  There is an optional extension to climb up the gorge to the waterfall (adds about 1 hour)

Note: A Cape Nature permit is needed.  There is nowhere local to purchase, so must be obtained in advance, even for Wild Card holders.  Non Wild Card holders must pay day permit charges.  See the Cape Nature website for details. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  1 **  A pleasant easy walk (3 to waterfall)
Height gain:  80mfrom 440m to 520m
Time:  2 hrs up, 2 down + swimming time!

Route Description:

The hardest part of the route finding, is to find the parking lot!  The best approach is to take the R101 over the pass.  At the foot of the pass just after the Huguenot Tunnel there is a weigh station.  Turn left into the weigh station, go left for a short distance then across the N1 into the parking lot. The Google Earth extract below shows this in more detail.

If the N1 through the tunnel is taken, then one must go on for about 3km until the two lanes of the N1 come together, do a U-turn and come back towards the tunnel, turning off into the weigh station. 

From the parking lot, walk towards the bridge over the Elands River as the N1 exits the tunnel.  Go left under the bridge and follow the path along the left bank of the river.  The path climbs high above the river until after about 3km it turns sharply right down hill towards the river.  Ignore a track going uphill at this point as it leads up to private property.

The path meets the river near Fishermans Cave. From there boulder hop up the river for about 0.5km to the large pool with a cobble "beach".  Relax and enjoy!

An interesting side trip is to boulder hop and scramble up the gorge on the right to a high waterfall.  Shady and cool with icy water - at any time of the year.  The scramble has some grade 3 moves. 

Google Earth snapshot of exit off R101 through weigh station to parking:

Tony Heher,
Feb 22, 2016, 12:59 PM
Selected Data from Elandspad.gpx
Tony Heher,
Feb 22, 2016, 12:58 PM