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Du Toits Kloof & Klein Drakenstein

Covers a number of areas including:
  • Du Toit’s Kloof
  • Klein Drakenstein
  • Hawequas
  • Bains Kloof
  • Limietberge
  • Slanghoekberge
Routes for all areas are listed in the table below. 
(These may be separated if the number of routes grows...)

Elandspad at Du Toits 2 **
Krom River in Du Toits 3 **
Cascades 4 **
Rockhopper in Bains Kloof 2 ***
Limietberg Trail 2 **

Google Map of area

Pan and zoom the map and click on a placemark to see the range names. The map can be viewed in either Map or Satellite or Terrain View - each has their uses. In Map view, for example, the borders of the Cape Nature Reserves are shown.

To view the original map full screen, click here. This has additional information which is not available on the embedded map. On the full Google Map, for example, one can click on a range name and see its location as opposed to clicking on a location to see its name.

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