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Lions Head B (Twirly-Whirly route)

Location: Start from the parking area on Signal Hill road where the circular gravel TM Parks access road begins. 

Overview: Do not attempt this route in wet weather. Lion's Head is often in good weather when the rest of the mountain is not. This route has some narrow ledges with big drops, and easy rock scrambling which should still be treated with caution.

Key Statistics
Grade:  4 ****
Height gain:  From Signal Hill Rd to 670m (Summit)
Time:  6 hrs up and down depending on variation.

Route Description:
Several variations to this route are possible. Start up the circular road, and branch off on the overgrown path to the big rock where one of the Fire watcher's huts used to be. Take a detour up left and around the corner to Wally's cave, then return along a contour to the lower old chains.Up these, and the new staples above or the detour above the Glen to get onto the large level platform below the 'Mane'.

NB Currently (May 2018) the path to Wally's cave is CLOSED by SAN Parks.

Avoid the fence at the edge of the 'Mane' rock rib and traverse the ledge below the big white rock cliff that overlooks Clifton. Where this ends, descend slightly and turn towards the harbour and follow a narrow ledge all the way to above the Kramat below. Continue traversing and ascend the Tamboerskloof side to gain the summit ridge. Variations on the descent are also possible, including scrambling down the 'Mane' rock rib.