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Devils Peak via the Saddle

Location: Front of Table Mountain 

Overview: This is an easy hike from the Tafelberg road to the summit of Devil's peak at 1001m. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  1 ***
Height gain: 610 m: from 390 m to 1001 m
Time: 2 hrs up, 1 down depending on route

Route Description: 

Start at the parking area presently shaded by tall Blue Gums on the TM road where a SAN Parks signpost indicates the Zig-Zag path to the Saddle.
Follow the path and do not take either of the 2 contour paths you cross, until you reach Saddle Rock.
Here you turn right to follow a track next to the watercourse until it turns up left on on a path that used to be a firebreak. This takes you up to the summit, which has 3 Trig survey beacons at various points.