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Devils Peak Eastern Ridge

Location: Devil's Peak above Rhodes Memorial. 

Overview: Some people refer to the
East Ridge on Devil's peak as the Eastern Buttress. The GPS track of this as well as that of Mowbray Ridge, is shown on the attached jpg file below. The lower sections are not often climbed and have become bushy, while the more popular ascent is to do Mowbray Ridge, which finishes at the Minor Summit, so the top part of the Eastern Buttress route is used and accessed as shown in the attached slide show pictures. 

Key Statistics
Grade: 3 **
Height gain: 820m: from 180m to 1000m
Time: 3-4 hrs up, 3hrs down depending on route

Route Description: 
The Route up the lower part of the buttress is shown on the attached GPS track below, but is not easy to follow and getting through the various rock bands can be tricky. It is more pleasant to climb Mowbray Ridge, and from the finish at the Minor summit, cross the little ridge leading to an open steep slope going up to the rock cliffs on the main peak. Traverse left and scramble up rocks to a higher traverse ledge, which is followed some distance round to the left towards Newlands. A few awkward steps slow you down until the ledge ends at a series of steep vegetated gullies which are climbed. The very top one is quite difficult and it is usual to traverse left around the corner to get to some easier steeply vegetated and grassy steps to the summit.  
Mike Scott,
Aug 10, 2015, 6:38 AM