Workshop -- October 2016

WOW!  Many Guild members at workshop!

Alicia K. -- stitch'n perfection!

Alicia K. -- a little advice!

Carol F. -- rotary cutting SLOW & STEADY!

Guild members = Teamwork

Stitch'n time ... Mary Ann G. & Alicia K.

Barbara M., Jessica S. stitching gals!  
Carol F. -- seam ripper backup -- lol.

Linda S. and Carol F. -- sashing strips!

Here I am ... photographer Lynda S.
Mary Ann G. -- quick to start the day quilting!

Barbara M. -- stitch 'n press!

Marling I. and Marjorie C. -- design wall time!

WOW! Ellen S. -- a masterpiece!

Ta-Da ... looking good, girls!  Jessica S. -- stitcher behind the scenes!

New member Bonnie S. -- into the action!

Pauline E., Linda S., Carol F... never enough rotary cutters!

A little lunch break ... and then back to work!