Show n Tell September 2017

Connie P. -- 

Connie P. -- 

Pauline E. -- 

Jean K. -- 

Pauline E. -- 

Carol F. -- QVO block donation

Deborah Mc -- Lov'n ole St. Nick!

Jean K. -- "Look out" -- machine quilter on the loose!

Becky S. -- Mini Bag organizer ... with zippers!!! WOW!

Pauline E. -- Charity Quilt for our cupboard!!!  NEED many, many more since the flood in Mannington!

Deborah Mc. -- Tea Wallets donation for our Bazaar(s)

Pat F. -- QOV honoring the dogs of war times!  SEW unique!!!

Becky S. -- QOV Block donation!!

Deborah Mc. and Cathy M. -- VA signature quilt ready for quilting

Deborah Mc. -- "Do Something" ...
and it becomes a beautiful reflection of your talents!
Mary R. -- 

Marge C. -- 

Deborah Mc. -- 

Marge C. -- Masterpiece!

Marge C. -- 

Mary R. -- Bazaar donation

Kathy G. -- Shhh!  Her QOV blocks are a secret -- lol!!!!

Pauline E. -- QOV Block donation

Jessica S. and Pauline E. -- workshop key leaders;  awww this is where all of those QOV block donations go!!!!

Jeannie Z. -- Red/White/Blue bag donation for the Bazaar -- awesome!

Pauline E. -- QOV pillowcases

Becky S. -- Cool purse ... how 
many pockets??? 
Cathy M. -- QOV block donation

Donna M. -- Cheering on the Mountaineers -- never enough coasters!

SEW Proud of our Guild's QOV efforts!!!