Show 'n Tell November 2016

Mary A. -- donating a beautiful tablerunner for the Bazaar box!  (thank you)

Alicia K. -- bears and more bears!! 

Mary R. 

Mary A. -- Quilt of Valor block

Sally W. -- Veteran's Day perfect quilt
Dorothy E. -- Quilt of Valor blocks

Estaline F. -- Veteran's Day perfect!

Barbara M. -- getting ready for Christmas

Barbara M.

Connie P. ...a new man (doll) in her life!!!

Connie P. -- writing a new book!!!
Patsy D. and Mary A. -- good friends; great travel iron bags!  (Mary A. made)
Mary R. -- beautiful finish!!

Laura D. -- placemats and napkins donation to the Guild Bazaar Box (thanks Donna M., too!)

Laura D. -- fabric napkins donation 
for the Guild Bazaar box!  (thank you)

Pat F. --fun quilt gift

Estaline F. -- lovely Eleanor Burns pattern

Pauline E. -- donations and more donations for
the Guild Bazaar Box -- AWESOME!  (thank you)

Barbara M.

Barbara M. -- WOW!