Show n Tell May 2018


Mary R. -- Quilt Guild Librarian ...
sharing a "new book" for check-out!

Mary R. -- "Shopper Award" ...
Vintage Quilt

Mary R. -- "Shopper Award" ...
Vintage Quilt

Sue M. -- Snibble Bag with Pin Cushion!

Sue M. -- 250 pins later -- WOW!!!

Sue M. -- Breathtaking BEAUTY!!!

Sue M. -- you were teasing us earlier
with your projects!!!

AMAZING BlockHead Quilter!!!

Jean K. -- Fabric Placement and 
Variations!!  Great work!!!

Marling I. -- Midi Bag beauty!

Marling I.-- Mono and Midi to match!

Connie P. -- LOVE the stars ... and FABRIC!

Becky T. -- Catching up with the 
Block Head group blocks!!

Becky T. -- Explaining a little about Block Heads
to the Quilt members ... and her great fortune
of having Jessica S. (sister-in-law) mentoring/helping
her get through month-by-month!!!

Becky T. -- Flying Geese ...
Hmmmm ... looks like you're getting
the gist of QUILTING!!!

Sally W. -- Christmas in May!!!!
Our Ways 'n Means Chair ... gearing
up for FALL BAZAARS!!!  Quite
LOVELY quilted TREE!!!

Sally W. -- Bazaar Motivational Speaker!!!

Ann B. -- Table Runner
Quilt Bazaar Donation!!

Ann B. -- Cute Christmas Ornaments!
Quilt Bazaar Donation!

Ann B. -- Baby Quilt Panel
Quilt Guild Charity Donation!

PS ... I did make a Super Wallet
for the FALL Bazaar ... no photo!
BUT if you want to see it ...
check with Pat F. ... who purchased
it during our "Pop Up" sale!!!  (Lynda S.)

Mary R. -- Quilt Guild Librarian...
sharing a "new book" for check-out!

Mary R. -- "Shopper Award" ...
Vintage Quilt

Cathy M. -- T-Shirt Quilt ...
LUCKY Brother-in-Law

Cathy M. -- TKE Fraternity Quilt

Pauline E. -- Micky Mouse Bag ...
Bazaar Donation!!!

Pauline E. -- (fabric bundle/pattern
donation by Donna M.) -- BEAUTIFUL
GET TO WORKSHOP!!! (says Pauline)

Pauline E.-- Flannel Rag Quilt ...
Charity Quilt Donation

Pauline E.-- OMG ... 
Feathered Table Runner

Pauline E.--- It's not ALWAYS about
the FRONT of the Quilt!!!

Pauline E.-- QOV project for one
very special guy!!!

Kathryn G. --Spunky Wallet Project!

Kathryn G. -- Check out those pockets!

Jessica S. -- Blocks and Stencils!!!  Pretty Cool!!

Jessica S. -- LOVELY Mondo Bag!!!
Quilt Bazaar DONATION ... say what!!!!!????

Jessica S. -- Square in a Square ...
Block Head quilt block project!!
Looking good!!!

Jessica S. -- Lucky Baby Girl!!
Sharing of talents!!!

Jessica S. -- Check out this AMAZING
quilt backing!!!  VERY creative!

Ann B. -- Organizing her many donations for the
FALL Quilt Bazaar!

Ann B. -- Baby Quilt Panel
Quilt Guild Charity Donation!

Ann B. -- WHEW!!!  Great Sharing!