Show n Tell February 2017

Ann B. -- QOV blocks!
Little Quilts by Kim Diehl designer
Donna M. -- QOV blocks!

Color Wheel awesome! -- Carol F.

Pauline E. -- QOV blocks!

Dorothy E. -- lovely purple midi bag!!!

Katherine H. -- lucky Byron "car tracks" quilts!

Lynda S. -- Featherweight sewing mat
Laura D. -- AMAZING embroidery picture!
(lucky, lucky daughter Charla!!)

Debbie Mc. -- "Cats" play production quilt
for sweet nephew!  (quilt raffle)
Donna M. -- Little Quilts by Kim Diehl designer

Sally W. -- QOV blocks!

Carol F. -- QOV blocks!

Mary P. -- "first quilt"!

Marling I. -- beautiful midi and mondo bags!!!

Katherine H. -- cool midi bag!

Vicki W. -- "Not so fast tricky quilter ...
" that looks like a Vera Bradley!!!

Lynda S. -- QOV blocks!

Mary A. -- beautiful quilt tesstallation 
table runner!  Is she REALLY getting ready 
for Christmas 2017?????????

Cathy M. -- blue looks good on you... mondo bag!