Show 'n Tell - January 2018

Jessica S. - QOV Blocks

Sue M. - LOL

Sue M.

Jean K. - Dish Scrubbers...
Bazaar donation!

(Judy N. design)

Jessica S. - Quilted Bowls

Mary R. - Beautiful fabric line
& pattern

Connie P. - Truly our very
own "bag lady" -- haha

Jessica S. - cool
"Oh Christmas Tree"

Jeannie Z. - QOV Blocks

Cathy M. - AWESOME
(Bonnie Hunter design)

Lynda S. - QOV Blocks

Vicki W. - QOV Blocks

Connie P. - too cute bag!!

Debbie Mc. - Fidget Apron
(sew creative)

Lynda S. - 2018 QOV Block 
Design by QOV Foundation

Leigha F. - QOV Blocks
(LOVE this little quilter)

Debbie Mc. - Santa bottle

Jeannie Z. - Harvest Wall Quilt

Jeannie Z. - Fall Wall Quilt

Maggie F. - Pottery Sewing
Organizer (gift)

Sally W. - QOV Blocks

Jessica S. - 2 a.m. project completer!

Connie P. -- modeling "adult bibs"
Bazaar donation!

Mary R. - Block of the Month
(a few kits still available at her shop)

Carol F. - QOV Blocks

Jean K. - "Infinity Scarves" -
Bazaar Donation!

Pauline E. - Charity Quilt --
closet donation
Pauline E. 

Pauline E. - UFO finished

Jean K. - QOV Blocks

Barbara M. - Charity Quilt -
closet donation!

Pauline E. - "Infinity Scarves"-
Bazaar donation!

Linda T. - QOV Panel and
QOV fabric donation!

Sally W. - Charity Quilt -- 
closet donation!

Pat F. - Quilted Hearts for 
Nursing Homes project 

Barbara M. - "This Little Piggy"
... pattern sharing by C. Pirner ...
... and shared to C. Pirner by
Lynda S. -- "it takes a village"

Jessica S. - Baby Quilt
(glow in the dark fabric)

Mary Ann G. - QOV Blocks
(let's just say she made SEVERAL)
-- Lynda S. sharing

Jessica S., Jean K., Becky S.,
and Vicki W. -- Block Head sharing

Ann B. - QOV Blocks
(Also our delightful Guild Photographer!)