Show 'n Tell -- May 2017

Cathy M. -- "Memory Quilt"

Cathy M. -- time for questions!

Mary R.-- "NEW" shop owner!!

Sue M. -- "excellent project"

Deborah McA. -- "A Quilter's Reflection"

Deborah McA. -- a little help, please!

Leigha F. -- lovely hair assessories!

Jean T. -- table runner

Donna M. -- QOV block

Pauline E. -- QOV blocks ... workshop quilt!

Barbara M. -- QOV "favorite block"

Sally W. -- QOV block

Ann B. -- Beautiful quilt

Becky S. -- QOV block

Becky S. -- Bazaar donation --
special coasters!

Sally W. and Laura D.-- "panel challenge"
Cathy M. -- "Hand-Quilting"

Mary R. -- fat quarter donation!!

Sue M. -- beautiful!!!

Deborah McA. -- "little secrets" ... Mondo bag

Deborah McA. -- "Half-Square Triangles"

Jean T. -- trying out new techniques

Jean T. -- "1st Quilt" -- AWESOME

Donna M. -- QOV block

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt for family member

Pauline E. -- Completed Quilt Retreat project

Pauline E. -- Lefty/Righty Ruler

Barbara M. -- always time to 
answer a question or two!

Ann B. -- lovely quilt with feathered quilting design (by Barbara M.)

Linda T. -- New technique "candle mat"

Linda T. -- sharing time

Becky S. -- Lovely midi bag

Jessica S. -- QOV blocks

Barbara M. and Mary R. -- up close & personal 
with panels!