Show n Tell -- June 2018

Vicki W. -- Block Head sharing!!!

Pat F. -- Talented Quilter!!!

Jessica S. -- Block Head sharing!

Lynda S. -- Bazaar donations!
Cute little clutch purse and wallet(s)!
OOPS! ... the purse and wallet 

Jeannie Z. -- Sisterly LOVE

Jeannie Z. -- quite the "surprise" backing!!

Debbie Mc. -- Luck of the Irish!!!

Awww ... those "mitered corners"
Pauline E. providing help to
Debbie Mc. to achieve quilting

Sally W. -- Ways n Means Committee Chair ... enthusiasticly receives the table runner from Cathy M. (who looks prettty excited to donate this beauty)!!

Ann Braton and Barbara M. -- teamwork!
Baby Charity Quilt for the closet!!!

Barbara M. -- FUN stories and 
BEAUTIFUL QOV project between
Barb and Pauline E. -- great TEAMWORK!

Barbara M. -- Can you say "Feedsack
Quilt" awesomeness!!  LOVE, LOVE,
LOVE this beauty!!

Barb M. -- great teamwork
with hand-quilter Pauline E.
(OR maybe BFFs)

Pauline E. -- unique "matt" Bazaar donation!

Pauline E. -- finished mini-quit
proejct gifted to her by her
Secret Quilter pal!!!  Pretty cool!!!

Melissa M. -- ALWAYS a UNIQUE
project to share!!  

Melissa M. -- "Abstract Eyes" -- 
AMAZING work!!!
Pat F.-- Neat Binding Tool quilt!

Pat F.-- Postage Stamp quilt ... in progress!
** Thank you to our very own "Vanna" ...
Linda T. for helping out with quilt displaying!

Jessica S. -- from workshop to home!
DELIGHTFUL QOV project for the Guild!!

Pat F. - Merry Christmas Tree
Bazaar donation ... HAPPY
Secret Sally to receive this
fun tree!!

Sue M. -- Special Block of the Month
miniatures ... excellent applique work
and of course... we LOVE the button

Jeannie Z. -- if you have "left-overs" you make a quilt!!  LOVE her thinking!!!

Cathy M. and Debbie Mc. -- quilting buddies!

Cathy M. -- what to do with the fabric
pre-cuts we end up not liking -- lol.
LOVE this beautiful BAZAAR donation ...
and LOVE this fun quilter!

Cathy M. -- Grandson quilt donation!

Cathy M. -- keeping everyone in "stitches"
after reading the label she wrote to
her grandson!!!  Did I hear "freaking hard

Leigha F. -- LUCKY school 
secret pal!  LOVE our youngest

Barbara M. -- charity rag quilt
for a "male"!  Nice work as always!

QOV -- Guild members collaborative
effort!  AWESOME job putting it all
together Guild Workshop ladies!!!

 Pauline E. and Barbar M. --
quilting teamwork!!  LOVELY
end results ... lucky QOV recipient!

Linda T. and Pauline E. -- yet another
fine example of "teamwork" with 
Guild members!  Very nice rag quilt for
our charity closet!!!

Pauline E. -- from magazine
photo to quilt!!  Thanks to
Pauline's Secret Quilter for finding
this gem of a magazinefor inspiration!

Jessica S. -- finale of Guild Program Night!!!