Show n Tell -- February 2019

Connie P. -- charity project
Jessica S. -- a sweet surprise
from her Secret Quilter!

Kathryn G. with Maggie F. (helper)

Kathryn G. -- sharing beautiful quilts inspired by Doug Leko patterns

Kathryn G. -- lovely backing fabric!

Deb S. -- Beautiful Christmas quilt ...
and the border!!! Outstanding!!!
Carol F. -- QOV blocks!!!

Barbara M. -- QOV blocks
Barbara M. -- #1BOM
Pauline E. -- QOV quilt

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt

Pauline E. -- Neat Table Runner

Jean K. -- new projects

Jean K. -- scrappy little pin cushions

Connie P. -- little hands!
Connie P. -- Postcard frenzy!
Connie P. -- prayers & stitches!

Connie P. -- sew talented!
Katherine H. -- dimensional ornament
Jean K. -- Bags of Courage with
thoughtful quote cards inside!
Sew sweet and touching!
Jean K. --

Jean Z. -- Minnie Quilt
Jean Z. --QOV blocks
Rhonda B. -- LOVE this pattern
and fabric colors!
Rhonda B. -- unique label &
label placement!!!

Mary A. -- primitive table runner
Mary A. -- nice pattern and color choice!
Mary A. -- pieced stars and all ... nice work!
Donna M -- QOV blocks
Donna M. -- #1 BOM
Lynda S. -- Valentine Postcard using
a vintage hankie for the first layer.
Lynda S. -- #1 BOM
Jessica S. -- #1 BOM 

Kathryn G. -- sharing beautiful quilts inspired by Doug Leko patterns

Kathryn G. -- 

Kathryn G. -- 

Kathryn G. -- patriotic blocks

Pat F. -- very cool fabric!   (with helper Maggie F.)

This gal is an inspiration to all of us ... you rock, Pat!

Barbara M. -- QOV quilt
Barbara M. -- QOV quilt 
(helper Glenna P.)
Pauline E. -- QOV quilt

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt
(Helper Donna C.)

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt  (block reverse)
See it???

Pauline E. -- #1 BOM

Pauline E. -- Little Quilt 
#Jackson's Mills

Sally W. -- "no sew" wall hanging!

Sally W. --
Sally W. -- little zippered bag
(follow-up to a pre-meeting demo

Sally W. -- #1 BOM

Connie P. -- #1 BOM
Glenna P. -- #1 BOM
Katherine H. -- hmmm I think Connie and Sally are thinking of making one, too!
Jean K. -- #1 BOM
Jean Z. -- placemats
Jean Z. -- tablerunner
Jean Z. -- #1 BOM
Rhonda B. -- nice work!

Donna C. -- #1 BOM
Mary A. -- scrapping up a lovely baby quilt
Mary A. -- keeping with the Guild 
theme "scrappy" tonight's lessons
Mary A. -- 

Donna M. -- zippered bag donation for upcoming Quilter's Market

Connie P. -- Scrappy Quilt (thanks for sharing during my Q-Report)
Connie P. -- from scraps come very tiny scraps and cute doll bed quilts --  
(Thank you! for supporting my report)