National Quilting Day 2014

Mountain Heritage Quilters Celebrate National Quilting Day
                                     "Quilt Day Baby"

Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild  of Marion County were like anxious parents awaiting the arrival of a "Quilt Day Baby" to gift a beautiful handmade baby quilt to the first newborn at Fairmont General Hospital on March 15th as they began their celebration of National Quilting  Day. & Week.  The call everyone was waiting for came late afternoon on Saturday ... "We have a Quilt Baby!"  This special day to celebrate quilters and quilting makes everyone "sew happy."  National Quilting Day is the opportunity to reflect on traditions of quilt making and the contributions quilters continue to make with their families and community throughout the generations.

Baby Arayah was born on March 15, 2014, at Fairmont General Hospital -- just in time for National Quilting Day!  Representing Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild, members Marling Imes and Barbara Mullenax presented "Quilt Baby Arayah" with a handmade baby quilt from the Guild.  Arayah is the daughter of William and Alicia Holt of Bridgeport.  She has 4 brothers and a sister waiting for her at home.  Congratulations Arayah and parents for participating in National Quilting Day along with Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild.