Meeting fun/Christmas Party - December 2017

Debbie Mc. and Cathy M. -- hostesses 
extraordinaire for the party celebration!

Linda T., Maggie F., Debbie S., and
Pat F. -- quilty friends!

Leigha F. & Carol F. = quilting
grandaughter & grandmother!!!

Popular "candy bar" feature!!!

SEW many Quilt friends -- great
night for catching up!!!

Laura D. (Ms. Outreach) describing
her latest plan for new members!

Fun times with Mary R.and Janice T.

Taking time to remember our members
unable to be with us at this time!

Marling I. and Bonnie S. -- great
quilting pals!

Katherine H., Barbar M., and Pauline H. --
getting ready for the buffet!!!

Aww ... never enough red & green
at Christmas time!

Jeannie Z. and Sue M. -- quilty friends!

Always a party girl -- Kathy G.

Great quilting friends!

Bonnie S., Alisha K., Cecily T., Barbara M.,
Pauline E., Becky S., and Marling I. --
dedicated quilters!!

Good times!

Whew!  Successful Christmas party!
Cookie & Punch Bar = SUCCESS!

Sweet memories ... 

Reflecting on days gone by ...

Mary P. -- new guild member!

Thank you McAteer's Restaurant --
delicious food and cozy Christmas
ambiance -- loved every minute!