Workshop Days

Nelouise made a beautiful "Sunny Day" quilt for charity!!
Dorothy E. -- work'n those rulers and rotary cutter!

Magnificent "Quilting Duo" -- Nel G. & Shurleen G.

Marling I. -- putting her pedal to the metal!!!


         Guild wjshop4
     Dorothy E. and Shurleen G . . . known as the "cut-ups"!!!!
Guildwkshop2                               Marge C. ... 8x6 = 48 ...
Sew'n it together!!!

Workshop sharing -- Emily Mc's latest --
quilted by Barbara M.
Teamwork . . . Pauline E. and Marling I. -- birthday pillowcase!!
OMG!  Decisions . . . Decisions!!
Quilts for Heroes!!!   Is there a new project coming soon????
Alicia K. and Shurleen G. -- an "ah-ha" moment!