Show n Tell November 2018

Glenna P. -- 
awesome Harry Potter quilt!

Connie P. -- too cute pillows!
Lucky me (Lynda S.) received
this delightful pillow and
quickly put it to good use!!
Thank you sew much Connie P.

Quilters must learn "the fold" following quilt sharing/display -- lol

Jean K. -- charity quilting -- thank you!!

Jessica S. -- getting quilty with
her pen/pencil holder!

Jessica S. -- Cedar Lakes Quilt 
Retreat ... sew many projects 
completed ... you go girl!!!!

Jeannie Z. -- too cute backing
fabric ... sew very thoughtful!!

Carol F. -- motorcycle quilt ... design
panel found during the Guild's bus
trip to Erie, PA quilt show!

Carol F. -- Harley Davisson backing fabric ... REALLY!!!??
Ann B. -- creative Mondo bag -- 
using corduroy fabric!!  LOVE it!

Ann B.  and Sally W. -- donating Beads of Courage bags

Barbara M. -- WOW!!  
Design excellence!

Pauline E. -- QOV donated blocks
by Mary Ann G. -- good teamwork
by workshop ladies!!!

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt completed

Looks like the "quilt police" 
arrived at guild -- haha
Pauline E., Laura D., and
Barbara M.!
Pauline E. -- beautiful sample
Pauline E. -- lovely color theme!
Glenna P. -- newbie quilter ...
(I think not!)

Connie P. -- lovely civil war
reproduction fabric star quilt!

Glenna P. -- display helper!

Samantha B.  -- amazing mystery quilt design!! 
Sam B. -- quick learner from our September program!  Great work!!!

Jessica S. -- charity quilting -- thank you!!

Jessica S. -- playing catch-up on
some lovely quilt projects!

Jeannie Z. -- fun holiday quilt!
Jeannie Z. -- yes, it's her!!

Carol F. -- motorcycle quilt and 
pillowcase ... simply the coolest

Barbara M. -- blue beauty!

Barbara M. -- blocks set on point ... 
awesome design!

Barbara M. -- admires the quilting
which shows up beautifully on the 
back of a quilt!

Pauline E. -- beautiful in blue -- wildflowers and birds!

Pauline E. -- bear paws quilt!

Linda T. -- purple passion charity quilt!!

Linda T. -- charity quilt donation!
Thank you!

Linda T. -- one busy quilter every

Linda T. -- Senior Center placemat
project donation!  Thank you!