Show n Tell April 2016

Sally W. -- Cute Quilted Books!

Connie P. -- Wedding Ring in the making!!!

Ellen S. -- lovely sampler!!!

Jessica S. -- BEAUTIFUL -- 1st QUILT!!!

Sally W. -- barn quilts beauty!

Pauline E. -- 
lov'n Red, White & Blue!

Ann B. -- Quilt Block Challenge!

Ann B. -- Name That Block!!

Dorothy E. -- "Not a Quilt" Challenge!

Linda S. -- Beautiful Quilt!!

Lynda S. -- "Little Buckaroo"

Lynda S. -- "I'm A Little Bit Country"
(Sagebrush Round-up memorial donation)

Pauline E. -- Mondo Bag madness!
Ellen S. -- Barn Quilt perfection!

Jessica S. -- table runner!  (Workshop lesson!)

Lydia F. -- Too cute tissue holders!

Pauline E. -- Table runner & placemats!
(Teacher in residence -- workshop)

Pauline E. -- cute wall quilt!

Ann B. -- New Tool Demo!!!

Barbara M. -- Aww ... UFO complete!

Barbara M. -- AWESOME Sherman's March!

Marling I. -- Cuteness!

Linda S. -- Special Design 
Quilter's Tool Bag

Deborah Mc. -- Just a few 
more blocks to go -- lol

Sally W. -- Barn Wall Quilt
(Using every single panel!)