Show n Tell - March 2019

Ann B. -- Mondo, Midi and
more BAGS!

Ann B. -- Oh, Christmas Tree!

Becky S. and Granddaughter ..
perfect little coaster!
Becky Smith... quilty squares!

Becky Smith... Bags of Courage demo!

Becky S. -- Bags of Courage!

Lynda S. -- Charming Bags donation!

Lynda S. -- Mary Babb Randolph Center
Bag Donation (Jeannie Z. charity)

Kathy G. -- "Tie" one on pattern!

Kathy G.  -- traveling Iron Board!

Kathy G.  -- little red wagon!

Kathy G.  -- Featherweight Extension
Table -- AWESOME!
Kathy G.  -- SUPER bag!

Kathy G. -- and there she goes!!!

Kathy G. -- gifting new young quilters!

Kathryn G. -- Jackson's Mills Retreat
batik quilt project!
Kathryn G. -- beautiful color choices!

Jessica S. -- BOM over-achiever!

Jessica S. -- Hawaiian Quilt Blocks!

Jessica S. -- great teacher leader

Barbara M. --Block of the Month participant!
LOVE her color choice ... don't you??

Barbara M. sharing Heidi B.'s
QOV blocks!  Great TEAMWORK!

Heidi B. -- LOVE this Guild Girl!
Nice QOV blocks, Heidi!!
Jeannie Z. -- new project completed
gifted fabric from her Secret Quilter
Jeannie Z. -- we do sew love both
the front and back of this wall quilt!
Jeannie Z. -- Patchwork Tote donation
for the Guild's Market Place Booth
Jeannie Z., Jessica S., and Glenna P. --
collaborate on a QOV quilt!
OF THE QOV BLOCKS.  You ladies did a super

Cathy M. -- throw back quilting,
fabric and design!!  
Cathy M. -- one special brother-in-law!
Very nice piecing and quilting!
Pauline E. -- helping out a friend to
replace a "denim quilt"!  NICE!
Pauline E. -- Computer tablet sleeve
quilted donation for the Guild's
Market Place Booth!
Pauline E. -- Schnibble Bags gone
wild donation!  You will find these beauties
at the Guild's Market Place Booth!

Pauline E. -- Unique feminine QOV 

Pauline E. -- QOV pillowcase!

Pauline E. -- WOW!  Jackson's Mills
Retreat project ... LOVE the Civil
War Reproduction fabric!
Pauline E. -- JUST QUILT ... don't
eat or sleep!  YOU GO GIRL!!!
Pauline E. -- Jewelry Pouch donation
for the Guild's Market Place Booth!
Very cool!!!
Ann B. -- assisted by Jessica S. --
showcasing delightful bag types!

Sheila K. -- Take Me Home, Country Roads!
Sheila R. -- assisted by pal, Becky Smith.

Sheila R. -- assisted by pal, Becky Smith.
Check out this fabulous backing fabric!

Sheila R. --- lovely pink/green quilt!

Sheila R.  -- backing fun!

Sheila R.  -- QOV pattern sharing!

Donna C. -- QOV strip block
Donna C. -- QOV quilt donation!

Donna C. -- QOV blocks!  Very creative!

Donna M. -- QOV donation
Donna M. -- QOV donation

Glenna P. -- Mondo Bag! (Connie P.) design!
Glenna P. -- Mondo Bag BEST pose!

Glenna P. - BOM blocks -- COOL!

Glenna P. -  Feed Bag sharing!
Glenna P. - BOM perfection!  
AWESOME newby quilter!

Glenna P. - Practicing "zipper bags"
as demo'd by Donna M. -- pretty cool
don't you think!

Glenna P. - Block stories!

Pat F. --passing off her QOV blocks to Pauline E.

Pauline E. and Sally W. -- sharing Pat F.'s blocks 
for Quilts of Valor!!  Talk about TEAMWORK!!!
Pauline E. -- QOV block donations

Jean K. --too cute Apron design!!

Jean K. --Quilt Block Designs from
her Q-Report ... AWESOME!
Jean K. -- LOVELY quilt!  This quilter has the 
Jean K. -- too cute
Jean K. -- Block of the Month participant!
LOVE these color choices!
Barbara M. -- Microwave bowl holders donation
for the Guild's Market Place Booth

Sue M. -- Beautiful Bonnie Hunter
Mystery Quilt!  
Sue M. -- WOW!  Stunning design and colors!
Did I hear fabric was ALL from your STASH??
Sue M. -- LOVE the backing fabric and quilting!
Sue M. -- Block of the Month participant!
Check out these pretty color choices!
Sue M. -- Spring is in the Air ... cute
little mug rug!S
Sue M. -- BEAUTIFUL sampler quilt
Sue M. --Navy & blues ... excellent
color choice!

Mary Ann G. -- Very nice QOV quilt
almost ready for its recipient in October!
Mary Ann G. --LOVE the color reverse in the stars
of this lovely QOV quilt!  Nice piecing and sashing, too!
Mary Ann G. -- Cleaning out and
giving -- we have the BEST members!
Mary Ann G. -- a little bit of this and
that ... found new homes with fellow
quilters!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Pauline E. -- Block of the Month participant!
I sew LOVE these color choices, too!