Show 'n Tell - April 2017

Patsy D. -- cute, cute bibs!

Ann B. -- QOV blocks donation ...
beautiful Mondo bag, too!

Sweet Jessica S. -- QOV blocks!

Dedicated Ann B. -- QOV blocks!

Sally W. -- charity quilt ...
John Deere child quilt !

Sally W. -- kept us in "stitches"
with her seam ripper &
new tool "Purple Thang"

Connie P. -- the bottom-less

bag of quilt projects!

Carol F. -- QOV block donation!

Carol F. -- "chicken scratch"

Ellen S. -- advice from Carol F.

Pauline E. -- QOV blocks

Pauline E. -- New"bird house"
wall-hanging pattern!
Lifelong learner ...

Barbara M. -- AWESOME travel ironing boards!!!  (Team Mullenax ... husband, son, etc.)

Linda T. -- sharing her BEST!!!

Susie B. -- a few of her favorite blocks!
This gal is "sew creative"!!!

Mary R. -- lovely scrap quilt!

Mary R. -- matching jacket!!  Quilt Diva!!!

Mary R. -- beautiful "Mom" memories!

Mary R. -- sharing wonderful memories!

Dorothy E. --QOV block donations

LOVE to see Dorothy E. -- QOV project!

Vicki W. -- the "wonky" log cabin block!!  Such a "fun" new quilter!!
Patsy D. -- cute, cute bibs!

Mary G. -- LOVE new bag
& fabric ... it's all about

QOV blocks ... next stop workshop!

Ann B. -- workshop charity quilt!

Sally W. -- placemats ... Bazaar donations!

Sally W. -- charity quilt ...
 child quilt !

Sally W. -- child charity quilt!

Connie P. -- lovely quilt block bags!

Connie P. - QOV quilt block & pattern donation!

Connie P. -- headbands and more ... this girl is on fire for the Quilt Guild!

Pauline E. -- "problem solving" while at Jackson's Mills retreat!  New Bazaar items!

Pauline E. -- new wall hanging ...
"birds of a feather"

Pauline E. -- QOV quilt ... near and dear to our hearts!

Barbara M. -- sharing a bag of goodies for the Quilt Guild

Barbara M. -- QOV block donations

Linda T. -- awesome table topper!!!

Linda T. -- PLEASE share your expertise!!!

Susie B. -- the latest in seam rippers!!  SEW beau-ti-ful ... who would ever want to rip out  a seam!!!

Mary R. -- beautiful mondo bag!

Mary R. -- quilt fronts or backs ...
all quite lovely!

Mary R. -- we LOVE our new member ... soon to be Quilt Shop Owner!!!

Bonnie S. -- we are ALL
"sew" proud of her Midi Bag!!

Vicki W. -- Quilt retreat sharing - lol.