Sharing September 2015

                      Emily Mc. -- Sunbonnet Sue (ready for Craft Bazaar)

Sally W.-- Hearty Wall Quilt (ready for Craft Bazaar)-felt

                   Louise G. -- Elm Creek AWESOMENESS!!!!

                     Carol F. and Leah-- Winnie the Pooh!
 (ready for Craft Bazaar)

                              Connie P -- Raggedy Ann (reverse doll)

                                                               Janice T. -- Bargello awesomeness!

                      Carol F. and Leah -- Our Neighborhood
(Winner of Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild raffle quilt)

                                                          Ann B. -- Super Tote Travel Bags (ready for Craft Bazaar)
                           Emily Mc. -- Christmas Time (ready for Craft Bazaar)

                          Tara W. -- Super Son Quilt

Susie B -- Rag Quilt

                              Connie P -- Rosie doll (who is also a live doll!!!)

                                 Leah (Connie P.'s daughter) -- awesome sharing!

                                                             Carol F. and Leah (grandaughter) -- Timeless Treasure!

 Sweet Baby Rosie-- loved the meeting and 
didn't get bored at all -- lol