Saturday Sew What February 2019

SATURDAY ... SEW WHAT!  Inaugural session ... attended by 19 energetic quilters! AWESOME day!

Sally W. -- binding of a QOV ... 
Inspector Clouseau (aka C.Pirner OR
our Vice President)
Jean K. -- getting her quilting going!
Cathy M., Donna C., and Pauline E. -- 
still trying to get started -- lol!

Sally W. -- Advice with a SMILE!

Patsy D -- listening to Donna C. and
her new Quilt Market project!
Lynda S. -- lov'n stitch'n on
her Featherweight ... charity
bags for Mary Babb Randolph Center

Glenna P., Jeannie Z., and Cathy M. --
block placement is critical in setting
up quilt top designs

Carol F. and Sally W. -- mentoring
session at its best!
Connie P. -- getting down to business!

Aww ... my "Frisby twins" -- sew
very special to me!  

Jessica S. -- offers up a little more advice
for the quilt block arrangement (QOV) exchange
Never a lack of input to projects ... great
Guild Members!
Jeannie Z. and Glenna P. -- teaming
up for a beautiful QOV quilt!

Mary A., Maggie F. and Pat F. --
beautiful projects ... busy quilters!

Leigha F. and Carol F. --it's a family
affair at Mountain Heritage Quilters!

Mary A. and Sally W. -- getting
ready for the delivery of Mountain
Heritage Quilters Guild's "quilt baby"!

Cathy M. -- Featherweight, power
station, iron ... all the tools for quilting
at her fingertips!

Donna C. -- mentored by Pauline E.
Feed Bag tote bag ... Quilt Market ready!

Donna C. -- BEAUTIFUL QOV quilt ...
nice guidance by mentor Pauline E.

Can you hear me now??? 
Quilters collaborate on projects!

Connie R. (Vice President) ... calling
all members ... you don't want to 
miss out on this FUN day!

Jessica S., Kathy G., and Barbara M. --
busy stitch'n on this fun Saturday!

Kathy G.,Barbara M., and Patsy D --
stitch'n advice on this fun Saturday!

Lalanna H. -- sew happy to see you
at workshop!

Our Guild Inspiration ... Ms. Pat F. --
you are "rocking" the purple hair!
Prayers and Strength, our favorite
quilt friend!

Patsy D., Mary Ann G., Connie P. and
Glenna P. -- time to get quilty connected!

Kathy G. and Barb M. -- yes, there is
time for lunch ... if you dare!  (lol)

Mary A. and Jeannie Z. -- one last minute
bit of advice!
Cathy M. -- GO cutting system demo
Laura D., Carol F. and Leigha F. --
making a quilt sandwich ... ready for

Sally W. and Lalana H. -- great 
collaboration & mentoring time!

Cathy M. and Laura D. -- demo of Cathy's
"GO" fabric cutter! How AWESOME was
that gadget!!!