Quilts of Valor -- October 2017

Quilts of Valor Presentation ... thank you Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild -- "sew proud" of this accomplishment.  18 QOV were awarded and made by YOU!!!

Veterans with awarded QOV's
Gage, Hallie, and Noah -- 
Pledge of Allegiance leaders!

Ronnie S.,Veteran
(nominated by Pauline E.)

Sheila T.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Jessica S.)
Lorraine I.,Veteran
(nominated by Dorothy E.)

Gary J.,Veteran
(nominated by Kathy G.)

Jeffrey S.,Veteran
(nominated by Becky S.)

Mike R.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Lynda S.)

My family veterans -- Lynda S.
Connie P. -- Vice President and 
Awards Celebration leader -- Bob

QOV Presentation -- Donald W.
nominated by Becky S.

Thank you Guild Photographer Ann Bratton -- capturing this special event!

Lynda S. - Awards Celebration
Bob P. - Awards Celebration

Paul H.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Emily Mc.)

Danny A.,Veteran
(nominated by Carol F.)

Jason B.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Barbara M.)

George D.,Veteran
(nominated by Connie P.)

Chad H.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Lynda S. )

Mark H.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Lynda S.)

Stanley W.,Veteran
(nominated and QOV made by Ann B.)

Paws of Valor --honoring our furry friends of Service ... Pat F.