Quilt Baby 2018

National Quilting Month 2018 was celebrated by Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild by contacting Fairmont Regional Hospital and making arrangements to donate a baby quilt and crocheted hat to the first baby born during this pre-selected week.    Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild of Marion County were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a "Quilt Baby" to gift a beautiful handmade baby quilt to the first newborn at Fairmont Regional Hospital. 

The call everyone was waiting for came through and word quickly spread ... "We have a Quilt Baby 2018– it’s a GIRL!!!!"  

THANK YOU to Ann Bratton and Sally Wilhelm  for their quick response in representing Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild by making the presentation to this beautiful new baby for 2018.

Quilt Baby 2018 -- Baby Willow

Baby- Willow Zhavia Drake
Born 3/28/18 at 12:59 pm
6# 9oz , 19”

Mother - Destiny Mariah Dobbs

Willow joins a brother 7 yrs old and sister 6 yrs old.