QOV Celebration 2018

Lynda S. -- Guild President
Connie P. -- Guild Vice President

Yummy treats ... enjoyed by ALL!

18 Quilts -- personally made
by Mountain Heritage Quilters
Guild members
Julie H. --Veteran
Charles F. -- Veteran ... Pauline E.

David Alan S. -- Veteran

Senator Ojeda -- Veteran

John L. -- Veteran receiving
Quilty Hug -- Barbara M.

Phillip P. -- Veteran  ... Pauline E.
Phillip P. -- Veteran  ... Pauline E.

Carl P. -- Veteran ... Pauline E.

Roger E. -- Veteran ...
from his wife Pauline E.

Charles R. -- Veteran ... Pauline E.

Friends, and family -- came
out strong in support of 
these Veterans

Connie P. and son Jack ...
beautiful moment!

Charles D. -- Veteran ... Laura D.

volunteer photographers for our event!


Hallie, Noah, and Gage H. -
leading the way!

Bob P. -- Master of Ceremonies

Senator Richard Ojeda ...
"Welcome Home" to ALL Veterans!

Refreshment team and helpers!

Quilts stitched and labeled ...
ready for their new HOME!

Veterans received an
official "Quilty Hug"

Lots of hugs for Aunt Julie!

Ed K. -- Veteran ...
Quilty Hug by Linda T.

David Alan S. -- receiving his
Quilty Hug from Aunt Lynda

Connie P. -- Senator Ojeda

Veterans nominated by Lynda S.

Donnie M. -- Veteran
Lynda S.

Charles R. -- Veteran Quilty Hug

Family proud!

Friends, and family -- came
out strong in support of 
these Veterans

Celebrating nephews and cousins ...

Yajaira B. -- Veteran ... Barbara M. 

John Y.-- Veteran ... Pauline E.

Dennis C. -- Veteran ... Pauline E.

Heartfelt "thank you" to ALL Veterans!