"Meals on Wheels" ... "Pillowcases" and "Walker Caddies"Projects

Meals on Wheels . . . Guild members made 95 quilted placemats for this Service Project.  Placemats were delivered with Thanksgiving Dinners by Meals on Wheels drivers.  Martha Law, Mountain Heritage Guild representative makes the presentation to Lucy Eates, representative from the Meals on Wheels project.
                                         PROJECT PILLOWCASE ...
Guild members made 80 beautiful pillowcases for this Service Project. HOPE, Inc. representative
Mary Hall was presented this generous donation by Mountain Heritage Guild representative, Barbara Mullenax.     


Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild Reach Out to Local Nursing Home Residents

The Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild of Marion County chose to share their love of quilting for 2014 by reaching out to the community through Project Walker Caddie in support of many Marion County nursing home residents.  Members of the Guild made and donated a total of

56 quilted walker caddies.  The caddies ranged the whole spectrum of color and design and were quite pleasing to the eye.  Several residents were cheered by receiving one of these beautiful caddies which are quite helpful in holding their personal items such as water bottles, magazines, remotes, and chocolates while residents go to physical therapy, dinner, or even taking a daily walk down the hallway or outside.  Service Projects are a huge undertaking by Guild members and very rewarding … the Guild ladies can think of no better way to share their energy, talents, and resources! 


During the July Guild monthly meeting, Guild members collected, tagged and organized the Walker Caddies in preparation for delivery.  Guild members shown in this photo from Mountain Heritage Guild include (L-R) Marling Imes, Dorothy Eagle, Alicia Kime, and Carol Floyd.

Local nursing facilities receiving the Walker Caddies included the Arbors, Fitzwaters, Genesis, and Wishing Well.  These community facilities appreciated the support and generosity shown to their residents by this Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild service project.